Abandoning manual for my colleague

Hi beautiful SCS coaches!

Last week I was so pissed about a colleague at work (well I was pissed because of what I thought, of course) 😀 Here’s my model:

C Last Sat I was in charge of our store and decided to restock during opening hours. My work colleague told me: “our boss doesn’t want us to restock on Sat”
T she shouldn’t tell me what to do when I’m in charge
F pissed
A telling her that our boss didn’t tell me not to restock, beyond that: avoiding her, complaining to myself about her, making plans to speak with our boss about her behavior
R being in defensive mode, disagreeing with her

I do understand intellectually that she gets to say whatever she wants – but I don’t get it in my T-line. It just makes me more pissed. What would be a good first step to come closer to abandoning my manual for her?

Thanks so much!