About Relationships especially with my husband

I am new here. But I already have listened to the entire podcast so I am familiar with the concepts. I am reading the booklet of terms and concepts and I have a question about allowing my husband to be who he is. I am starting my own business in interior decoration and home organizing and I have asked my husband to cheer me up and pep talk me and tell me how amazing I am and how he believes in me. I know he does feel that but whenever I share something about what is going on in the business he starts “mansplaining” how I should do this or that and how I am wrong in my ideas and my feelings.

I know that I have given him a manual and that he is not following through but what should I do except get angry at him and remind him what I have asked? Should I just smile and listen while he patronizes me (very feminist instincts in here!)? He defends himself from being machist but this really looks like it.

Please help me, this is not a desperate situation but I just can’t find a solution that works for me, that doesn’t make me feel resentful or that doesn’t end in a true argument.