About the 50/50 rule

One of the LCS concept is that life is 50/50 right ?
I had a surgery and my leg is not healing properly. I can tell objectively that my life was better when I had 2 legs operating properly because everything is just horrible if you have one leg: I try to cook and I can’t (I can’t bend), I would like to swim because it’s scorching hot but I can’t with one leg, I would like to go shopping but I can’t, I would like to do sports but I can’t. I had a coaching on this and my coach asked me to list 20 things I can still do. I did that but it doesn’t feel good because the things I really want to do all require two functioning legs. And of course I could do sudoku or read but my favorite things require two legs (running, horse riding, biking, travelling, swimming) …. how can I feel better?