About the model

Hi, I have integrated the concept that I’m not my thoughts for 2 years now and it changed my life. (thanks Mo Gawdat)

I have been in scholars for 2 weeks and had a breakthrough as I understood and applied the ”feel your emotions so your brain can process them instead of fighting them”

Now, I have been running negative and positive models on myself and there is something that I don’t get.

I don’t completely get the way that the concept of thoughts is approached by the LCS.
I learned that we have three types of thoughts:
insightful thoughts (they are silent and smart)
experiential thoughts (related to the task at hand)
narrative thoughts (the little voice in our head that is often nasty)

let’s take an example:

I live with my landlord and when he enters the house my chest tends to tense up and often my first thought is -> ”is there something that I forgot doing?” meaning, did I forget to place my shoes properly, did I let something on the couch etc.

So the C is my landlord enters the house
but the very next thing that I observe is the F, the physical sensation of tensing up or/and mild anxiety
the T is ”is there something that I forgot doing?”
and I have a hard time defining my A. In this case I want to say that my A is to enter in observer mode where I notice my thinking, my feeling and my sensations.
but I think that the LCS would want me to frame my A as: I have a shallow breathing , I move and talk in a tense fashion.
I find it very obvious to select an A when it’s a model related to buffering: ex: C with friends T I need a drink F craving to drink A drink R drink
but in other cases, I find it hard to select the A.
R could be: I am not appreciating the presence of my landlord.

So my main questions would be:
1- Can you help me understand how thoughts always come before the feelings in life, even if I’m under the strong impression that, sometimes, the emotion/sensation come first? (like it’s the case in my example)

2- Are thoughts coming first but can be silent (subconscious) and it’s our job to put words on it? In other words, there is not really a thought, but we make up a thought to work through the model?

3-from my interrogation about selecting an A, is ->starting to observe my thoughts<- a proper thing to put in the A line?

Thank you for your help, have a great day!