Abraham vs sitting with your emotions

I’m lying here this morning unable to sleep as my heart breaks for those who are suffering and displaced in South Texas right now. And i am having some fresh insights.

When the emotion first overcame as I tried to fall back asleep I told myself to just feel it and give in to it. That lasted only seconds before my brain took over and said “whoa, wait now, if you do that you’ll be lowering your vibration and then you will be attracting from this lowered vibration” (Abraham’s 68 seconds concept and all).

After years of listening to Abraham every morning I had gotten “skilled” at not letting things that didn’t directly affect me NOT affect me. I fellt empathy for what others were going through but didn’t allow myself to dwell or sit in states of sadness or any negative emotion. I’d also gotten skilled at buffering and numbing myself to make that much easier.

That brings me to right here right now. The combination of (1) recurring and prolonged sadness and uneasy emotions enhanced by “It’s my home state,” (2) years of Abraham, and (3) now being a Scholar who chooses to no longer buffer and instead feel her emotions (a work in progress) has me unskilled at navigating this.

How does one feel her feelings without negatively impacting where my “point of attraction” is? I’d love your input. But it also might be a question I would want to ask Abraham when they are in town in November.
Thanks love!