I really enjoyed your bonus overdrinking call thank you! It got me really thinking about managing urges for drinking vs eating sugar.
I feel like it’s so much easier for me to manage drinking urges than sugar urges. But if I stay off sugar for 5 days the urges really die down. Then I have my weekly joy eat and it all steps up again. When I eat sugar it feels like there is a voice that just says More! I have been working on feeling satisfied and stopping but at least half the time I land up eating other unplanned foods and feeling like crap.
It makes me not want to plan joy eats (because they don’t bring joy) but I also want to be able to manage my mind so I can do this and not feel like I’m out of control.

But is this just like trying to become a ‘normal drinker ‘ trying to learn to use an unnatural substance ‘in moderation ‘.
If it’s easier to abstain why would I try to moderate?

Maybe because I know there will be times I want to eat sugar so it’s a skill I need to learn?
But I don’t try to learn to have 1 cigarette a week.

I know the clearer I get this in my mind the better my decisions ahead of time will be and the stronger my prefrontal planning.

Thanks in advance for your insight.

Ps I stated this question saying I manage drinking urges better than sugar urges but I realise now i often have a few extra unplanned drinks on days ive made a drink plan. I just don’t make it mean I’m out of control and about to gain back all my weight like I do when its unplanned sugar. Interesting.