Abundance Mindset

I have declared that I am going to practise training my brain for an abundant mindset. Why? Just because I want to and if feels so good to fee abundant. I am so excited to see what happens in my life when I choose to see the abundance.

How would I put this in a model?

Here is my attempt.

C Practising Abundance Mindset
T I am so excited to see what is going to happen
F Excitement
A Practise intentionally looking for abundance, practising gratitude, looking at challenges and see the abundance. I am open, excited and want to explore the world and my life. Schedule intentional time to work, journal etc. and time for living and abundance practising. Don’t – spend time analyzing old intentional models, don’t consume call after call and sit and journal for too long. Don’t beat myself for past decisions instead look at what is amazing from it. Don’t complain, don’t sit in my misery.
R Live an abundant life? Create an exciting life?

What would be the result? Any tips would be great. Thanks!!