Abundance, not scarcity

After many thought downloads and models, I have discovered that one of my underlying assumptions for my life is the thought, “I have been given too much.” As in I grew up in a family with plenty of money, while others were poor. School always came easily to me, while others struggled. I was naturally thin (as a young adult, not now!), while others struggled with their weight. Under this thinking , the problems that I do have become appropriate as a way to level the playing field. In other words, I deserve them. Here’s the model:

Unintentional model
C: me
TH: I’ve been given too much.
F: guilt
A: Sabotage long-term success, especially in weight loss; be a people pleaser; demand as little as possible from others
R: not living up to my full potential

Intentional model

C: me
TH: By being the best version of me, I will have more to give to others.
F: empowered
A: make changes in my life
R: be the best version of myself

I like my new thought but it still smacks of owing something to others. What do you think? Any suggestions for a “cleaner” thought? Also, can you suggest any resources (SCS or others) on the idea of abundance? To me that seems to be the opposite of my thought which is based in scarcity. Thank you in advance for your help!