Abundance of Beliefs – Which to choose for this month?

Hi Brooke and team!

I am soooo excited about this month’s topic! The topic is already challenging me in such a great way.

As I am trying to figure out what belief I want to focus on, I find myself wanting so to work on so many different beliefs. I wonder which choice will be most beneficial for this month?

To get more specific, like many of us, there are three areas in my life I am wanting to improve on:
1. My body – “I am 130 lbs and am capable maintaining that weight, while thriving with energy”
2. My money – “I am a woman who makes 200k a year”
3. My art – “I am a unique artist who creates music that will move people, make money, and guarantee renewal in contract with my label.”

I am aware that sometimes if we want everything we choose nothing, and I really want to encourage myself to move beyond this slight overwhelm, and to focus in on the one that I’ll feel good about for the rest of the month.

Any suggestions on how I can find clarity with my focus?

Thank you!