Abundance work

Coaches –

I know that I have a scarcity mindset, but I also make and have a lot of money. I believe that I am competent and that I have tons of value to offer and that I deserve the money I make. However, I am very reluctant to spend money, because I see that I am believing that if I just get to a certain amount, then I’ll feel safe and secure, and that time never comes.

C: Scarcity mindset
T: Programs that talk about scarcity and abundance are for lazy, stupid, undisciplined people who want to wishful thinking their way into getting money. It’s for people who overspend, are in debt, and make no money. (I have lots of thoughts/judgments about these people too.)
F: Huge resistance to doing any scarcity work (because I just keep thinking about how “it’s not for me” or I can’t relate to it)
A: I don’t do the abundance work
R: I live in scarcity

Where can I begin with this? I want to do this work because I want to stop living in fear, and I want to quit my job (where I make good money) to start a coaching practice but I am stuck because of this scarcity mindset.