Abundant thoughts while I’m with my husband

I have a wonderful husband who doesn’t like to spend money on small or large luxuries. I like and need to spend sometimes on fun things because I derive pleasure and inspiration from doing so. For example, I like to go out for dinner on a Friday night. It can be an expensive, chic restaurant or a small, cool hole in the wall. I don’t care just as long as I feel I’m treating myself in some way that is special and celebratory. My problem is his cheap, cautionary attitude is bringing me down and makes me not have a good time with him.

I know I can’t change him, but I’m having trouble coming up with a thought and feeling that makes me happy to be with him and makes me feel abundant about myself. I end up just feeling depressed about my sad, “cheap” situation and this carries over into my work and home life. The crazy thing is we are comfortable financially and don’t have to walk around sad and feeling poor.

Thank you!