Accept thing as it is

Hi Brooke, I have a question about how I can accept many things that I don’t want at the same time. I have learned a lot about myself during these 6 months that I joined scholar. I found that when I don’t like something I closed my mind completely about it or ignore it. And this ignoring is temporary so I again get into the circle of wanting to change the situation then again I give up.For example, I live in a shared place and I need to work hard to earn my expenses, also I need to study after my work.
I don’t like this situation but I know it is temporary and I need to study hard and get it done to get a better job. But
I am still struggling with it. My thought is my progression is slow, It is not gonna happen, when it will finish! I am behind of my life. I need to do many things together .
My positive thought is, you can make it, it is not a big deal. Just need to do the next step. If I can pass the exam the rest is dependent to my exam and will be resolved.

I feel really better than the past but I still feel something is holding me back. When I see people who passed their exam I feel really upset about myself.
Do you have any idea !