I have a great job wherein I make over $100k. My raise has historically been much larger. This year it was 3%. I had a discussion with my boss about this and he assured me it was not my performance , it’s that last year I got a big bump (10K) and that he thought this was fair. I was pissed (and still am a little, I think) but I’m seeing the opportunity here for my own work, as I have problems with accepting things as they are. Quitting really isn’t something I feel led to do right now, and I know that if I do find another job and attempt to resign he will pay me more but I don’t want to play that game either, because I think it’s out of integrity to do that.


C 3% raise in January
T This is bullshit
F Disrespected
A Bitch, moan, talk to husband, friend, therapist, let things fall through cracks, develop a bad attitude, check out mentally, look for another job, don’t do anything extra
R I do a bullshit job

C 3% raise
T This is a chance for me to do some real acceptance work
F Openness
A Continue to provide the value I’ve always provided, focus on the good aspects of my job (boss pays for Scholars, own office, great benefits, huge 401k), Continue my work on acceptance
R I do the work and allow what is