Acceptance of weight

I am trying to be in the feeling of acceptance as it relates to my current weight and my goal weight.  Can you help me with the T line? I think I don’t know how to feel acceptance about my weight because it will mean I approve of it and I will accept it so much that I won’t lose the weight.  I can see how my unintentional model is keeping me stuck at my current weight and going on and off protocol for longer periods of time.

Unintentional Model:
C: current weight
T: I don’t want to be at this weight
F: resistant
A: go on and off protocol, overeat, have last supper meals, quit the protocol, shame myself
R: stay at current weight, or gain back weight I lost the week before

Intentional Model:
C: current weight
F: acceptance
A: stay on protocol, use ask a coach, sit with urges, focus on intentional thoughts, love me now
R: stay on course for weight loss