Accepting what is and setting goals

I am a little bit confused with the concept of “accepting what is” and setting goals. Intellectually I understand that I can be happy with my life now and still have desire to move forward and achieve goals. But it feels almost counterintuitive. Like many people I feel that in order to change something I need not to like it. Why would I change something that works?

From what I learnt in Scholars till now, the difference is the emotion driving the action. For example, I would follow my food protocol not out of hate for my body but out of love when I accept it as it is. But it still doesn’t sit with me right. If I love my body weighing 75 kg why would I set a goal to lose 10 kg? The reason I want to lose weight is to look good and feel confident. If I learn to love the way I look now and feel confident regardless of my weight, why would I set a goal to lose weight. But I do like my goal and I don’t want not want it. Do I need to find a better reason why I want to lose the weight?