Accepting what IS

Hi lovely coaches. I’m so grateful you are out there in the world. I’m having a very hard time accepting what is. Specifically related to anxiety in the C line (thank you Julie and Brooke for your Sept 12 coaching on this), and also death in the C line. My own death (podcast #233) and my mother’s death (similar situation to the woman from August whose father died suddenly). I spend a lot of my present time imagining scenarios where she doesn’t die/isn’t dead and what life would have – and I believe should have – been like with her still here loving on her grand babies she never met, etc. I fight reality in other smaller ways, too, like the examples Brooke gave in her podcast #233. People not following the rules big and smallI get angry. I imagine a spaceship I can beam people up to if they run a red light or cut in line or take up more than their allotted space on the train seat, etc. Or act out in worse ways. Anyway, I know this is my work. But wow. The death acceptance especially is really tough. I think I’m the person in Brooke’s example that is spending her life fighting the reality of what is. Brooke says her coaches can begrudgingly agree that we’re all going to die. And my brain went nuts when she said that. So. Where to start with this acceptance? Also, I don’t believe in an afterlife, if that is relevant to helping me start accepting this big ole C and many smaller Cs.