accepting where i’m at

I struggle at times with frustration about where I’m at in my life. Where I’m at is not bad at all — my business closed at close to $200k — but of course I made way less than that after expenses. My kids are healthy and strong. My marriage is meh, but still intact. My weight is fine – maybe 5-8lbs over where I’d like. Our house isn’t my dream home, but warm and safe. My work is interesting and meaningful and I do feel pride about what I’ve built, although I wish I had could reap more benefit from it. I could go on….the point is my life is good enough – nothing tragic or difficult is currently happening…and yet I have moments of frustration about not being able to take a family vacation with financial ease or have a healthy savings account, etc. Exercising patience is probably what is required, but I can’t always stay in that space. Thanks for reading.