Accessing Hidden Thoughts, Beliefs and Emotions

I have some questions about trapped emotions. I have talked to some people who have had experiences of intense emotions being released from their bodies, either by massage or holding poses in yoga. In both cases people are overcome with emotion (usually crying) although I have also heard back bends in yoga tend to bring out the emotion of anger.

If you have had a trauma in your life and you never truly processed those feelings, does it make sense these unfelt emotions would be trapped in your body somewhere? If they are trapped or unfelt I am thinking that they would keep resurfacing until they are healed or processed. I also find it interesting that it is the emotion that is presenting itself first. My guess would be if it was a childhood trauma, as a child you would not have the language to properly express yourself, or understand what you are feeling. What are your thoughts on this?

What I would like to do is to be able to access all these subconscious beliefs, thoughts, hurts, unprocessed feelings etc. I know that thought downloads everyday are essential, however, not every day do I have these little immature voices, beliefs, thoughts etc. coming up. Is my mind so clever that it does not allow them to come up? I wake up in the morning and think gosh, what a lovely day, it is so nice outside, nothing is bothering me – I don’t have any thoughts to work on today. I know this is not true!! How do I access these little buggers? I know they are there!!