Accidental Consultant

I am an accidental consultant. I had three huge changes that were the C – divorce, pushed out of company I founded, left full-time job. I have taken on projects that just come to me through my network as I didn’t really have a plan and was kind of hoping to just dabble in consulting and sort of date companies that I could go full-time with. I am seen as a thought leader in my industry, but my expertise is broad and I’m afraid to commit to something specific. Besides in the tech space, things change so rapidly. I had been strongly encouraged to publish articles and I did write two or three, but I had felt very vulnerable and judged putting my thoughts out there OR I thought that everyone already knew what I was thinking. The process of writing those three articles early last year was so painful and difficult. How can I manage to really get my thoughts down on the page and then share them without feeling so naked and judged?