My stepdaughter accused me of saying something horrible to her ex-boyfriend when I first met him. I don’t know if she was high or dreamed this or somebody else said it, and she is confused, but I am horrified. I absolutely did not say what she said I said – I would never say anything like it. EVER. She is saying she heard me say this thing and I am so confused.

My husband was there and knows I did not say it but he is not defending me because he does not want to fight with her. I am so angry about this. I am angry with her for lying and/or being on drugs. I am angry with my husband for shutting me down and telling me to drop it. My brain is telling me that if he loved me he would defend me and also that I want to be done with my stepdaughter because this kind of lie is completely toxic. Anyone who knows me knows I would never ever in 1 million years say the thing that she is saying I said. I am so upset and don’t understand why she would say this.

I have been a great stepmother to her and we have had a good relationship for 18 years, or so I thought. I don’t want to drop this, I want to prove my innocence but I feel like there is no way to do that if she is dead set on thinking that I said it. I don’t want to even have a relationship with her now if she thinks I would say something so awful. Please help me sort this out in my brain so I don’t create drama in our family because that’s where I think I am headed with my thoughts.