Achieve Anything In The R Line

Brooke is known to have said that you could put anything in the R line and I would like to share with you something that demonstrated that it won’t always work:

Say, I am 78 years-old and I want to put on my R line that in a year I will be the NYC Ballet prima ballerina.

If I believed that, I would probably get ballet classes, and start getting really focused on my audition, and perhaps I would even obtain the opportunity to audition in front of their director.

Now, it just so happens that the executive director of the NYC Ballet lives in my building and the other day we spoke and I threw the model idea to him and said I can get anything I set my mind to, even if I wanted to be the NYC Ballet leading ballerina.

And he said, ‘Well, let me save you your time. You are in your late 40s. There is no chance in hell that this would ever, ever, I mean, ever happen. This is an dance company with very clear rules for the age, the look, and the experience for its prima ballerinas.’
And then he proceeded to say, ‘It’s like you would say to me, I am going to marry Patrick Swayze. Sure, good luck with that.’

Considering only these two examples how does that explain that we actually cannot put anything in the R line and achieve it?