I know this isn’t a program necessarily focused on nutrition but I really struggle with acne and any advice would be helpful. I’m also trying to lose weight and have been doing my best to practice intermittent fasting (2 meals per day). I’ve been following a mostly plant based protocol over the last week which I thought would be helpful but my acne only seems to be getting worse, especially around my jawline. I’m not exactly sure if it’s just from what I eat or if wearing a mask all day could also be causing breakouts. I’m trying to stay patient with experimenting with foods and listening to my body but it seems like the more I try to figure it out that worse it gets. It’s just so frustrating because this is something I’ve been trying to get a hold of for the last decade. I also struggle with using food as a coping mechanism and sometimes as ‘entertainment’ so one or two days I’ll be really good about following the protocol then the next day I don’t want to eat what I’ve bought or will binge on something. I know the process takes time but any advice in the right direction would be very helpful! Thank you!!