Acting As if…(from the future)

I have a hard time trying to implement this concept. When I think how would I behave when I reach my goals, I understand that I would not be terrified when I do not have enough time to dedicate to my business because of my kids. But now I feel terrible about it. I became irritated and start blaming them and later myself.
С: My kid does not want to go to the kindergarden.
T: I do not have enough time to work, because he always distracts me during the day. He is already 6, all the kids go to the kindergarden at this age without problems.
F: irritated and frustrated
A: I push him with going there, sometimes scream at him
R: Fell guilty and afraid that I make our relationship worse with my behavoir.

Intentional model – this is how I would behave myself in the future.
C: My kid does not want to go to kindergarden
T: I would be able to find some activities for him 3 days a week, while I’m working on my business.
F: Motivated to find activities
A: Make a list of activities and possible classes for home studying.
R: My kid stays at home. I manage to do my job in 3 days, while he has classes with the teachers.

When I see my future self, I consider that I will be working just 3 days a week.
But now I can not afford it, I have to do something everyday while trying to make all the things happen. Should I start working just 3 days a week right now, if I imagine my future to be like this in order for this model to become a true for me?

Thanks a lot!