Acting As If

I’ve just watched the Overview video for March and I so want to understand how to act as if BEFORE as if has actually happened.

At about 14:00 minutes in, you ask questions like “What would you be doing if you were already making $100K?” This is where I get stuck because if I was at my income goal I would, for example, own a home rather than renting an apartment, I would trade my old car for a specific new one and I would make quicker decisions that involve spending my money, because I would have more freedom of funds to go and do more freely.

Specific example: I’ve been invited to a special party at the end of March that would require me to fly across country to attend. If I were making $100K I would go, no question. Since I’m not, I am going back and forth in my mind about sending in the rsvp. While I want to attend, I don’t need to take money out of my budget at this time to spend on such a trip.

How do you act as if without spending money you don’t currently have?