Acting “broke” even though I’m not

I have a large savings account and I also have income coming in from rental property. However, the monthly expenses for the business and food/tuition/etc are approximately $1000 a month more than the income coming in. So we’re covering that from the savings account. Even though by many people’s standards, our savings account is large, I don’t personally want to spend it on basic expenses and would rather trim $1000 a month from the budget until more income comes in. I feel like I’m being kind of stingy and coming from a place of scarcity, but am I? I like having the money in the account. I have no current debt, and in the event of an emergency or a carefully selected investment that requires money, I know it’s available and I don’t want to spend it. I’m upset about some of the cuts I’ve made, and feel like I should be further along with generating that extra $1000 a month rather than cutting it. At the same time, I’m tired. I want to enjoy my kids while they’re small. I find the coaching I’m doing around starting a business hasn’t gotten me to the place I want to be yet and my decision is to stop spending extra money. The thing is I catch my brain chatter about my “dire financial situation” when I know there are people who would LOVE to trade me places and beat myself up for being a “broke failure” because I’m using savings rather than adding to it. I just don’t want to spend more than I make, even if I can.