Action after hitting weight loss goal

I got to my goal weight! Awesome! And I want to keep going, losing a couple more pounds to leave room for those small fluctuations that can occur. Here’s what happened within a few days/a week after seeing my goal weight on the scale: I started to eat in a way that I honestly knew would likely cause it to go back up a bit. I am trying to find the thought(s) that preceded the off-plan eating. But this is a pattern. I lose a pound, hold there for a brief time, then put it back on, have to lose it again and the next pound as well. So it’s losing a pound, gain it back, lose it again, lose another pound, gain that one back, lose it again, lose another. These aren’t just the daily fluctuations – this is the pattern over several weeks. Why am I not just letting it come off more easily without the down-up-down pattern?