Action fueled by fear

In one of the calls, you mentioned that action driven by negative thoughts and feelings will never get you a positive result. You can’t act your way out of a problem. Can you talk a bit more about this?

The other day I took a look at the numbers in my bank account and credit card. My thought download:
“what are we going to do, our debt is just going to continue to increase because our expenses are more than our income, i should be making more money by now, we’re not going to qualify to rent the kind of home we want, we’re going to run out of money soon, our interest rate is going to shoot up, i wish this wasn’t always an issue, i wish the load to fix this wasn’t all on me. ”

Feelings were: worry, knots in my stomach, disappointment in myself for not reaching my income goals fast enough, shame, resentment

My husband and I had a conversation about the circumstances. His immediate response was to ask what expenses can we get rid of/reduce. My response was I don’t want to reduce expenses, I want to increase our income. We then talked about what we could do. I said I would take more action to try to increase my business revenue and he said he would look into finding some side work like freelancing.

The following morning I got to work with a sense of determination and took action throughout the day. I was motivated. This continued for another day or two and then the motivation started to wean off.

I do the SCS homework and think thoughts that are positive and future vision focused: “I’ve reached business revenue goals,” “I’ve paid off all my debt”, etc. For some reason though, I am never more motivated than after I look at my low bank balance and high debt #s. I’ve considered, should I look at these #s everyday to sustain my motivation? But, is this a compelling reason fueled by fear? and is this bad? i do know that one of the problems with taking action from this place is operating from a place of lack. but at the same time, i do also feel determination and a background sense of faith.