Action = Spiral

Hi Brooke,
My business is focused on inspiring women to lead more confident lives through mindset, movement, and daily practices. This direction is relatively new and my focus in on creating YouTube videos to get my message out to the most people possible. I am so excited and inspired to get this information out there in a way that truly helps people. My current action focus is to learn more about YouTube, plan out content and record videos.

Yesterday I sat down and recorded 4 videos back to back (each about 10 minutes long) on a variety of confidence topics. I was so proud of myself, but soon after I got a massive headache and crashed. Next thing I knew, I was 5 episodes deep in a TV show and didn’t even have the energy to make dinner or clean up my filming mess. That spiraled into me feeling awful, doubting my videos (they are BORING, says my mind) and questioning why I am doing this at all.

Do you have any advice to help manage this kind of spiral? I will continue to take action, but I am worried that every time I do something big that is way out of my comfort zone it will move me 2 steps forward and 3 steps backward. I feel like I completely wasted the rest of my afternoon feeling bad about feeling bad. Somehow my “win” turned into a “failure.” Instead of sitting in gratitude and excitement for my action, I felt insecure (ironic, considering my topic) and full of doubt in my abilities. Any tips to help prepare my mind/ego for taking big steps that move me closer toward my goals, but further out of my comfort and safety zone?

Thanks so much!!
Dana (pronounced Dan-nah) 🙂