Actions in spite of negative emotion and drained

Hello! I have been struggling between the balance of taking actions in spite of negative emotions and tuning in and listening to my body. I had a big event over the weekend that I didn’t expect to wipe me out as much as it did. I traveled, slept 5 hours one night, and was very very extroverted. When I got back I gave myself a day off to rest, but had a hard time resting. The next day my plan was to get back on my work plan and make up for what I missed on Monday. I was still totally drained and exhausted almost to the point of feeling sick, even though I had gotten sufficient sleep.
I was torn between two thoughts: Take action in spite of feeling tired, show up for your business no matter what. And the second one, Listen and take good care of your body, you need rest.

I guess I’m wondering what you do in that instance where you had things planned and feel totally drained? I know I’m not productive when I’m that tired, but feel guilt for not working. No fun. I’d love your take on this 🙂