Actions, results

Hi Brooke,
Thanks for your amazing work, I have lost 6 pounds in my first week – mostly water but with no struggle for once. This is huge for me.
My question is, what if we skip directly to the result we want (eg renewed connection with husband; being the wife I want to be), and the actions needed to get there (eg more physical touch, loving words, long walks on the beach together etc), not bothering to change the thought eg “he should do more”? Using the watcher to notice that getting swept away in this thought will take me away from my desired results. So being willing to take the thought “he should do more” along for the walk on the beach as though it’s a thought bubble following lightly behind (allowing also the feeling of annoyance) and choosing to put attention on the feel of my husband’s hand in mine, the blue of his eyes, the sound of the sea etc. The thought bubble may even drift away. Not sure if I am saying this very well.