Added sugars on protocol

Hi! This is my first month in scholars, and I am absolutely loving it!!! In addition to the September-specific activities which I chose to do in relation to my business (result: major productivity at last :):), I also took time this month to go through all the Stop Overeating materials (and I did all the activities except write my own protocol). My plan is to write my protocol this week and implement it starting October 1.

My question is around added sugars. I live in Thailand, and although I am fortunate enough to be able to get lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and imported goods, there are no sauces, marinades, or condiments that I can find without added sugar (mayonnaise, salad dressings, and fish sauce being the things I would eat most often). In addition, I can’t find bacon or sausage without some form of sugar in them, and for me these are easy ways for me to simultaneously and painlessly add fat and protein to meals.

My feeling is that the small amount of sugar in these things is not great enough to do much damage, and the annoyance/time waste of having to make my own condiments vs. being able to throw together, for example, some tuna/vegetables/mayo and get on with my day wouldn’t be worth it. What do you suggest?

Also what are your thoughts on fresh coconut water? I love stopping for a fresh coconut when I’m out and about in this hot climate, but I know there is sugar (albeit natural) in there.

Thank you!!!