Addicted to Facebook

I’ve been having some issues with buffering, procrastination, and not sticking to my calendar.
Today I discovered that I can see my time on Facebook. I’m sick to my stomach that I’m spending over 5 hours on the Facebook app every day.
Most of my time is spent lurking in business groups and vendor groups but that’s really just passive action. Also, I probably spend one hour on Instagram so that’s 6 hours a day wasted on social media.
No wonder I’m not reaching my goals! I had no idea it was this bad.
How can I stop this?? It’s almost like it’s subconscious. Like if I see my phone I have to grab it and check Facebook. I don’t want to look back on the year and realize I didn’t meet my impossible goal because I spent all my time on social media. I also don’t want to spend 1,500+ hours on Facebook this year like I did last year. That’s not the story I want to create for myself. I want to LIVE not just scroll.
And even as I was typing this I still went to the Facebook app and started scrolling again without realizing it. It’s some weird habit that I can’t escape. Please help.