Addiction to busyness or the statement “I have too much on my plate.”

I have a beautifully full life- husband, kids with many activities, 2 jobs and a business I am working to build. I have a fairly good support system. From the time I can remember, people have commented on how much energy I have and how much I can produce. My best friend says I am “an Energizer bunny on crack.” (Insert- I will definitely need some coaching around relationship effects on this in the future!).

My question relates to my thought downloads and models. Almost every day my thought download includes one of the following:
I’m overwhelmed
I have too much on my plate
I can’t handle everything.
I don’t have enough time.

I have worked dozens on models on these statements and can turn them around beautifully. But I don’t believe the new statements. I recognize how the new thoughts and feelings serve me but wonder if I am addicted to the feelings associated with the statements above. How would you recommend working through this?