I am having a hard time using the model with addiction. I find myself arguing with reality. I recently found out I loved one in my family is injecting heroin. It’s hard to believe that this is supposed to be happening. When I feel like it’s not supposed to be happening, I realize I am causing myself pain and angst. I can’t control this person, I can’t change what they’re doing, I have tried to speak with them and offer my worries, but to no avail. When I consider for unintentional model of how I want to feel, I’m not even sure? Of course I feel scared, and sad, and afraid for their death in my unintentional model, but what are some healthier feelings to desire for my intentional model? I have scoured all of the old calls, and ask Brooke, but haven’t found much on how to deal with addiction of a loved one. I have had my own drug and alcohol problems, and quit everything a while ago, so even being too involved with this person is not healthy for me, but at the same time I don’t want to distance myself and find out they died and have the regret that I pushed them out of my life. Thank you so much.