Adding a step into the model or working it backwards

Hi – There are times when I can work the model up to the feeling part. I can change my thought and have genuine feelings about it, but still don’t take action and get results. Is there a possible “mini” step between Feeling and Action? Like maybe choice, decision or even motivation? I know that choice and decisions fall under “Action” but for me it feels a little different.

Also, is it ever possible to just start with Action and ignore the thoughts and feelings at first? I recently read a blog post about this and it resonated with me and actually felt very similar to the work here and The Model – just another way to access and change your thoughts and feelings. So basically it was like this….if you take Action first (even the smallest bit) then you get good feeling and thoughts from that action. Those new thoughts and feelings then lead to motivation (more action) and results? In a way it’s working up The Model. Thoughts?

Either way….I really need to figure out how and why I am not changing my actions despite being able to easily (most of the time) recognize my thought errors and change them.