Adding Another Month or No?

Hey Brooke! It’s funny. November is the first month I’ve been using the workbook and doing the homework. I’ve been so busy working on drinking, eating, my family, and my business – I’d yet to dive into the monthly workbooks. (But I feel I got 1000x my money’s worth – so it’s all good!)

I was in a bit of a quandry about November’s homework – because my daily thought downloads have been a bit, well, happy. They sound like I’m high. (I’m not) Some include “I am awesome amazing”… “I am complete and whole just as I am”… I love having so many possibilities”… “My life is turning out exactly as it should”. (This is not a complaint) 😉

So — it’s made doing the “Unintential Thought Model” interesting. I actually just started making a list of things I still feel negative about … a past divorce, a particular friend, a particular politician, a common “negative” feeling that pops up regularly… and just been focusing on working on one item per day. It’s really helped me shake loose some remnants of negative feelings around some things and get clear on my thinking – and changing my thinking.

Curious if I can/should double-up on some workbooks now. Think adding a previous month’s workbook would be too much or conflict with November’s work? This month’s work is so good – but wondering if I could add another month’s work to it? Any recommendation? Thanks! 🙂