Adding pleasure

Hey Brooke! I totally understand what you mean when you say you want us to make our foods SO boring that we can’t possibly continue to obtain our pleasure from our food and instead need to turn to obtaining real pleasure in our lives. However, when you have a client who logically understands this yet has had food be pleasure for so long because of unknowingly lacking other pleasure in their lives —-what do you recommend for those of us who find we ARE lacking pleasure in our lives? It makes perfect sense to me that when removing food as an option, people may feel their lives have no pleasure, leading most often to even overeating again, so my question to you is what sort of things do you recommend for clients to begin to obtain pleasure in other ways? I find that I struggle to generate ideas (or I would’ve already been living that way and less reliant on food). I think it’s most helpful if abandoning Eating for pleasure to not be stuck with no other current pleasure outlets or ideas for new pleasures, as I feel not having something in place likely increases people resorting right back to obtain pleasure, if that makes sense.