Adding value in current job v. using that time for new business

I’m in a bit of confusion.

My IG is to earn $100K in my business this year serving moms who are full time teachers. I currently earn $0K. I am working on a number of thoughts about my IG including believing I don’t have enough time to get it going while I am a full time teacher mama myself, and also of course the who-do-I-think-I-am thoughts to believe I could offer value to other full time teacher mamas.

At the same time, I am intrigued by the concept of adding value and am currently teaching FT myself and if I were to earn more graduate credits I could add value in my current position while also increasing my salary. However, given my thoughts about not having enough time for the business, I feel like if I can’t come up with time for that, I shouldn’t logically have time to do the grad credits. I also know intellectually that I have time to do either and probably both. I am also wondering if I am just using it as a front to avoid really getting started with the business.

C – graduate credits are available
T – I am just trying to avoid starting my business and I’m not “allowed” to spend time on anything other than starting it
F – trapped
A – buffer on Facebook, with SCS content, with online window shopping. Overwork for salaried job. Overthink/over-research curriculum decisions for current students. Park offspring in front of television to gain time, then fritter it away buffering
R – I avoid starting my business and spend time on just about anything else

An IM, but I don’t love it:
C – graduate credits are available
T – I can add value to my current position by taking some grad credits in areas I’d like to improve in as a teacher and I can also increase my salary doing so.
F – interested
A – find a course, take it, add value, gain insight for other teacher mamas, do a better job at my current job
R – I add value to my current position and increase my salary.

Another start of an IM, still identifying the T that will generate the F:
C – graduate credits are available
T – ??????
F – ??????
A – add value for my current students AND get started on my business
R – I become a better teacher AND entrepreneur now