Adding value to the world. And money.

I’m thinking a lot about value, adding value to the world as a concept. Thank you for this. It seems it’s directly connected with making money in the SCS work. Adding value to the world and getting paid for this, this makes totally sense to me. You also speak about the advice women often got (still get?) ‘to do what you love and money follows’, this I also understand.

Still, how do you see people who really add value to the world but never will earn a lot of money (it’s not their aim either). I’ve an example of someone who works with orphanages in Asia and helps them with a home, education, in short; a good live. She is able to do this by receiving donations. I consider her someone who really adds lots of value to the world, these 100 children will in their turn add value to the world when adults.

Do you believe not for every work field ‘value adding = money earning’ is automatic, or even not applicable?
I ask this from curiosity, not with a sceptic mind.

Thanks for your thoughts.