ADHD resources

Hi coaches,

I would like to feel more comfortable with time management. Since I started scholars and stopped beating myself up, I already improved a lot. I stopped procrastinating, and now I can watch myself with curiosity instead of judgement. I stopped believing that I am messy and that there is something wrong with me. I have noticed how much ADHD is influencing my perception of time and I am struggling with organisation. I am forgetting a lot of things (like children lunches or homework) and I could never install a proper routine (even brushing my teeth at a precise time or take a pill).

I tried to apply Monday Hour One, but I forgot to watch the calendar and my attention was not focused enough for an entire week. I tried to do half a week, and it didn’t work neither. It seems too big of a step for me. I listened to the podcast about attention and it was really helpful, but I would like to ask for more resources and advice. Do you have any track for me or any experience with could be relevant in my case ?
Thank you so much.