Adj = F Line ??

Hi! New Oct. So appreciative to be here. Getting insights, really amazing what’s happening already – gawddddd thank you for scholars. Well, thank you Brooke!

So! Having fun w/ IM and the F Line.
If it’s an adjective, can it be in the F line. If it is an adjective, then can it be a feeling?

C: Working
T: I make really good money when I do aligned work.
F: agile, inspired, facile, willing, equipped
A: hold better thoughts in my head while I go work
R: making more money, feeling more capable, taking productive action, progressing

My guess is that a coach might answer – make the F line what you want, its up to you –
I love this F line and am choosing to keep; yet, would like to know Brooke’s thoughts if possible? The convo on this is fun!!
Thanks!! Yall