Admittedly A Petty Question

I suppose this is a manual but to me, my manual makes sense. It is regarding social media and friends. I have found that friends are least likely to engage with my posts over “strangers” – specifically on business-related posts. I’ve asked myself why this is a problem? Well, to me, hitting the like button is simple as hell and it’s free. Or sharing the content would be great. But at least move your lazy thumb to the like button if you don’t want to financially support your friend. I always support my friends (on or off social media), so it bugs me when others do not do the same. It makes no sense to me.

So when I keep trying to change my thought to something about how it’s not a problem, my brain keeps saying “but it is a problem because what you’re wanting your friend to do is very simple, it is not asking for much.”

I’m sure this thought doesn’t serve me but I keep going back to it. Do you suggest I just keep it then and accept it?