Adrenal fatigue + burnout

Hi there,
I recently found out that I have adrenal fatigue, along with other hormone imbalances I’ve known about for a while. Which was kind of relieving to discover on my blood labs and hormone tests because it helped me understand why I’ve been feeling so exhausted and unmotivated lately, and why half of the month I’m just way more emotional and anxious.

I’ve been focusing on just letting it all be here without making it wrong, allowing space for it, etc.  And to just keep showing up in spite of how I feel, while also taking a lot more to tend to my body’s physical needs for rest, good nutrition, exercise, etc.

And also there is another part of me that some days I just feel too fatigued to show up for my clients, work, and adult duties. And sometimes that shows up as thoughts that I’m burnt out, tired, and over it. I’m not sure I’m totally convinced it’s a terrible problem and have sort of just been operating on the assumption that half of life doesn’t feel good and that’s okay and that it will pass.

I used to be really focused on working an intentional model for every unintentional thought, but at some point I just realized that I don’t have to give energy to every unintentional thought. That it can just be there and I move on with my day without letting it run the show.

But I’d love more perspective on this. Is this normal and will it pass? Or should I be more diligent about working some intentional thought models here in order to feel at least more mentally and emotionally engaged in my work?
Thank you!