Advice for Very Long Urges

Hi there,

I am getting started with my protocol – yesterday was the first day I followed it to a T. Today my afternoon feels like one long urge. I have thought downloaded 2x, made 4 models. I am focusing on breathing through the urges and using my urge jar but it is like one urge after another keeps coming up. I have figured out that my main model today is:

C: Working
T: This needs to get done now
F: Anxiety and urgency
A: Stress out, get worked up, typically eat, drink, scroll, shop
R: I avoid doing the work I scheduled

This means I am off schedule and have less time to do the work, so now I have actually created another stress which may be a true time stress if I procrastinated enough. I also train my brain that it can make up a fake thought (‘this must be done now’) throw a little fit and I will just give it what it wants.

Is it normal at the beginning that the urges just keep coming and coming until your brain learns that you’re not going to reward it? Should I be doing anything differently here?