advice on mental acuity :) Septembers Goal

hi there,

I would like to design a protocol for myself for what to do each day to practice mental acuity and I’d like to do it.
This can be my Sept goal

I am working out physically and eating pretty well and I think my body has a great chance of achieving a level of physical well being and clarity so the protocol concept works for me

Throughout my life I have had on/off- periods of being very mentally actively followed by depressions.
I think I now understand how not to cycle into depression (CTFAR- on resilience and disappointment) and now I am really really really ready and excited to achieve a brand new level of brilliance and mental acuity 😉

I would like something similar to help my mind focus on activities for building mental brilliance.
-theoretical discussions
-current events

So I am thinking my September goal will be to follow thru with a mental acuity protocol

For example a minimum of 3 hr patents, 30 minutes theory discussion, 30 in literature, 2 hrs experiments, 1 hr literature article, 1 hr current events

What are your thoughts