Advice on Model with Thought and Result!

Hi Brooke

I joined SCS this month and have found that all I am doing to this point is another form of buffering and that is over consuming your work. I watch at least one of your videos if not more every day and sit there while in awe of you and your knowlednge and think Yep this is exactly what I have been looking for. I sometimes feel a bit like how you mentioned in the Stop Overeating Video how you once thought finding the “Grand Master” was your answer. I think I am feeling a bit like that, by finding you it is the answer to my weight issue. But I knowit is like having that gym membership and never going, I know i need to “pull my finger out” and do the bloody work. This i know is the answer! I have tried so many ways to lose weight and so much money in the process that i am scared to fail at it AGAIN….The models i currently have are:

T- What if i do this protocol and thought work and it doesnt work
F: Scared of Failing again
A- procrastinate by consuming all your work and not implementing
R- failing ahead of time

Alternative Thought:
F – Committed, focused
A – eat on protocol and do the thought work

Help me please!