Advice on the thought work to focus on when moving on from a job unexpectedly?

Hi Brooke,

I have seen you coach many people on the idea that they shouldn’t leave their current job until they are happy. For example, you provided that coaching on today’s call with the woman who was considering leaving her marketing business.

My question for you is what do you recommend people do when they have left their job unexpectedly and not by choice? For example, I was recently laid off due to a reduction in force at my company so I have to get another job – I don’t have the option of focusing on fixing my thoughts in my current role. I have had to do a fair amount of thought work in trying to work through the fact that I was laid off. But, I am worried that I am not going to pick the right next role because I feel the stress of having a job and already the process of finding a next role is taking longer than expected.

I’ve been trying to believe in abundance and that this is all happening for me versus to me. But, I do feel a bit like I am getting backed into a job I don’t necessarily want to take because I’ll need insurance and income, etc.