Advice to move forward

Dear Brooke,
I first heard about you when my father sent me a text with your podcast link.
It took me a bit of time before I was completely “sold” on your life changing podcast.
I binged listened for hours on end. You transformed me in ways I never thought was possible.
I started prescribing your podcast to my patients.
I lost close to 30 pounds of weight. My marriage improved.
I was happier at work. People started noticing and asking my secret.
I then decided to enroll in you SCS program, which I started in January.
I started with the thought download homework for 1-2 weeks. But that is as much as I got done.

It makes me so sad that I made such huge improvements with the podcast, and now I am at a stand still.

I am a young surgeon, running two practices, building a third. And a mother of an almost 2 year old baby girl.

I know I am indulging in the “I am so busy” thought pattern. Despite understanding the concepts, I have failed to practice them.

I got scared by the magnitude of what I have to do, and what I want to accomplish, and got stuck. An ever so familiar feeling.

I want to move forward and get out of my way.

Should I put SCS on hold and do my homework for the last few months and then enroll again?

I am incredibly passionate about life coaching. I want to incorporate it into my own life and then help others the same way you do in the future.

People think I am crazy, for wanting to gradually shift from being a surgeon to a life coach.

I look forward to hear your thoughts.

Happy Wednesday.