**AF** September Goal Question

Hi Brooke,

For month of September, my goal was to clean and organize my bedroom, that’s including my closet and bathroom. You had mentioned that for October the topic was going to be something to the effect of clutter thoughts. People with cluttered thoughts, tend to have cluttered environment. So my entire house is in need of organizing because my thoughts are definitely cluttered. I was first thinking to wait until October to clean and organize my room, but then I thought that since it will already be cleaned and organized by end of September, I can apply what I learn in October and keep my room clean and organized. Then I just heard your podcast on productivity. Now I’m second guessing myself in thinking that maybe I should put the entire house including garage for my goal but I don’t know if that’s too big of a goal for 24 days. I’m out of town until the 5th. My bedroom is in dire need of organizing. Thank you.