I’ve been having an affair for three months now. We work together. I want to end it. I think I replaced eating with having an affair. He is a horrible guy and my husband is amazing to me. Why am I having this affair? How do I stop? I can’t seem to stop. If we didn’t work together and I didn’t see him everyday then I think I would be able to end it. When he leaves all I can think about is why doesn’t he want me. When he is there all I can think about it I don’t want this. What do I do? How do I end this once and for all and not go back like a little puppy? I need to stop because I’m going to lose my husband and that’s not what I want to do. The affair is like getting a “hit” of something which gives me a “high”. I think I gave up eating and have lost 22.2 pounds, but now I have started an affair. How do I end this once and for all?